Take Charge of Your Payment Processing. 


Are you falling into the rate trap? If you focus on a specific rate when considering payment processing options, you’ve probably been shocked and frustrated to get your monthly statement and find out the rate only applies to a very small number of transactions.

Don’t let your out-of-pocket expenses get out of control. At Rel Processing, we focus on the amount you have to pay every month, not confusing rate structures. And that means what you see really is what you get.  


Spend more time with your customers and less time worrying about your payment processing services. 


Merchant Services

Get the convenience, security and cost-effective solutions you need to seamlessly accept payments and keep your customers happy. Through our relationships with a variety of different vendors and providers, we leverage the buying power of not just of our own clients but the full collective power of these organizations. And that puts your business in a powerful position with the processors.

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Associations and Buying Group Partnerships

Deliver superior service and value to your members and clients while generating income from participating accounts through our revenue-sharing program. Our specialty is partnering with associations, buying groups and industry consultants to help them retain and attract members.

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The Value of Independence

Because we can write business for several different merchant services providers, we can present many more options based on your specific circumstances. And we won’t work with just any vendor or sales organization. We’ve carefully vetted a selection of the most respected organizations in the industry with a variety of solution packages to meet your needs. 

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We’ve got you covered.

Payment processing services probably aren’t something you want to deal with very often. And you shouldn’t have to.

With Rel Processing on your side, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees, confusing statements or cards that never seem to hit at the rate you’ve been promised. We’ll demystify the process and make sure you’re keeping more of your hard-earned money.